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At Doremus Kantor & Zullo in Burlington, Vermont, we offer a variety of legal services. Many of our clients have used us for more than just one legal issue. Personal injury clients have come to us regarding a divorce matter and clients who come to us for a real estate transaction may be seeking estate planning or probate help.


When selecting an attorney, we have found that clients want the following attributes we possess:


Doremus Kantor & Zullo is a family-style, general practice law office that offers an informal, non-corporate setting. Client relations are our primary concern. Many come to us after experiencing a rough or traumatic incident or event in their life, including divorce or an accident. Our attorneys communicate with them and identify their specific needs, bringing a level of compassion and legal experience that few firms offer.


Our lawyers cover a wide and diverse age demographic. Some are seasoned litigators practicing law for the better part of the past thirty years. Others are new, eager, and interested in incorporating cutting-edge technology to help run our office and build your case. All of our attorneys do not bill clients for services that they do not need. If we feel that you do not have a case, we will let you know that immediately.


Even in the midst of a global economic recession, the United States continues to be a land of opportunity for many different people from around the world.  Immigration policies can be very difficult and confusing waters to navigate. 


While bankruptcy has a long held stigma in American society, the unfortunate reality is that many honest, hard-working and responsible people are left with no choice .  Health care bills, mortgage payments, car payments, credit card debt - all of these burdens can leave good people paralyzed and frustrated.

If you are unable to make ends meet day-to-day, then bankruptcy may very well be your best option. You'll get to have a fresh start, and your credit score can recover after bankruptcy much more quickly than you think.

General Civil Litigation

While we will always try to settle a case prior to trial, we are experienced and successful civil litigators at Doremus Kantor & Zullo in Burlington, Vermont. Many times, a civil litigation or business litigation case can only be resolved in a courtroom and you need a seasoned litigator to represent you and your rights.  At Doremus Kantor & Zullo, we have handled a variety of civil and business litigation cases. Unmarried couples who enter into an agreement to purchase property and now want to end their relationship need representation. Divorce laws do not apply to them and the property must become part of a partition action.

Estate Planning & Probate

At Doremus Kantor & Zullo in Burlington, Vermont, we assist our clients in protecting their assets for their children and other heirs. We try to make the estate planning and probate process as easy and convenient for our clients as we can.  From young couples who just had their first child to those diagnosed with a terminal illness, we have represented clients from all walks of life at Doremus Kantor & Zullo. Clients facing retirement can rely on our law office to handle all aspects of your estate planning or probate case.

Business Law

Whether your business law matter involves an unexpected dispute or your business has a need for ongoing legal consulting, the business law attorneys at Doremus Kantor & Zullo in Burlington, Vermont can defend you in court and communicate with you on how you can prevent future litigation.

Personal Injury

At Doremus Kantor & Zullo in Burlington, Vermont, we aggressively represent our clients injured in accidents caused by the negligence of an individual or a company. Let us help you hold those responsible accountable.

Real Estate Development

If you are planning to build, purchase, or sell a home or building, you need experienced representation for all aspects of the transaction. At Doremus Kantor & Zullo in Burlington, Vermont, we will assist you with the complicated legal aspects and paperwork involved in your acquisition or sale of real estate.